Come See About Me

Who I am:

Well, I’m a 23-year-old girl living and writing in Oxford. German father, English mother. Born in Yorkshire, brought up down south. Always wanted to be a writer – any time I’ve ever professed otherwise, I was lying. (Except when I definitely, absolutely wanted to be a ballerina at the age of 3).

– I’ve been described as ‘both intense and vague’ by a friend.

– I’m very blunt. I value truth, integrity and empathy.

– I need twice as much space and half as many things.

What I do:

I’m studying a full-time Masters degree in Creative Writing and making a bit of pocket money on the side by figure modelling for an internationally renowned painterin the afternoons. This means I spend a large propotion of my time naked.

In more general terms, I am, and always have been, desperately avoiding any kind of ‘real’ job. I graduated last June with a degree in Philosophy and English Studies, very bitterly missing a First by half a percent, but am now over it and happily spending my days writing poetry and starting a novel. The latter is both exciting and terrifying.

I’m lucky enough to have five poems coming out over the next few months in: Frogmore Papers, South Magazine and Iota. I also have a feature on Figure Modelling coming out in the Guardian (Life and Style) within the next couple of weeks. I shall, of course, post a link when it does…

…That’ll do for now.


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