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May 2, 2009

I’m not going to apologise or offer any explanation for not having blogged between then and now. Sometimes it’s best to creep back in quietly.

…So what have I been up to? Well, the modelling is taking off. Yesterday I set my alarm for 6am and met a photographer to do a shoot in the bluebells near my house for two hours. We scouted around for the best views, maximum privacy, the best light and I generally frolicked around and sat in bluebells, sometimes in a white dress, sometimes naked, sometimes flicking away slugs and using the shapes of trees to create shapes and dynamic until 9am. By breakfast I had made £75. I find modelling supremely relaxing. It’s not ‘proper’ modelling, by any means; I have no pretensions about this.  It’s working with artists, hobbiests, and those interested in creating something of beauty. My body is not perfect (either my hips are too curvy or my breasts are too small; I’ve never worked out which it is and nor do I care) but it can be beautiful. I know how to use it and what it can express. Besides all this, I meet the most interesting people doing this job – people who do this on the side, full time photographers bored of shooting weddings day in day out, people who are just trying out their new cameras, people who have an exact vision they need you to help bring to life. Yesterday’s photographer was an aircraft designer and engineering lecturer by day, an artist by.. dawn; a self-proclaimed ‘city boy’ who wore smart shoes in woodland – he does this to relax and create. I can relate to that – we all need something extra in our lives.